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High efficiency electroporation of human iPSC

    Human iPS cells are difficult to transfect at a high efficiency and it is difficult to maintain the undifferentiated status during electroporation.

    The Celetrix technology can electroporate human iPSC (e.g. ACS-1030 from ATCC) at a very high efficiency of more than 73%. Most of the cell survive well after electroporation.

               ACS-1030 transfection with GFP plasmid after 24 hours

       Survival >85%

      GFP% > 73.7%

          CONTROL                               TRANSFECTED


    After 3 days, iPSCs grow into clusters characteristic of undifferentiated iPSCs. In addition, feeder cells are not required during Celetrix electroporation, providing another level of convenience for the iPSC work.