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mRNA super-high-efficiency electroporation

     Many immunotherapy and research applications require transfection of mRNA. The Celetrix electroporation technology can electroporate mRNA at very high efficiency.


    The transfection rate of mRNA is usually higher than that of the plasmids. For example, the GFP mRNA can be electroporated to Jurkat cells at a super-high efficiency of 97.5%.


    The levels of mRNA expressed proteins among cells are more even than the proteins expressed from plasmids. However, the protein expression level of mRNA is usually lower than strong plasmids. The Celetrix electroporation can help to achieve a relatively high level of protein expression level and a long expression time.


     siRNA eletroporation is easier than mRNA. It is generally easy to achieve close to 100% siRNA electroporation, but the protein knockdown level is a different biological issue and it may vary according to siRNA selection.