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High efficiency transfection of human T cells

Human T cells have been hard to transfect with other methods, especially for plasmids.

With Celetrix electroporation, T cells can be transfected any time from the fresh PBMC stage to the stimulated or cultured stage. The Celetrix efficiency is highest compared to all other electroporation methods on the market. Our technology is also the only one that maintain high level of cell survival, allowing immunotherapy applications such as CAR, TCR-T generation and CRISPR knock-down of T cell genes.

The GFP photo and the light-field photo were taken from a long term T cell culture. The cells grew very well into clusters and GFP expression can persist for a long time.


Working with T cells can be challenging. Based on the new Celetrix technology, our expert support has allowed our customers to swiftly master the technologies in altering immune cells.